How to Help Seniors Make the Most of Doctor Visits

by | Jan 27, 2019

Aging involves changes in health, physical ability, and medical risks. On average, older adults in the US tend to be in a healthcare setting about 17 days a year. Given how common (and often necessary) it is for seniors to interact with doctors, it is important to help seniors navigate doctor visits well.

A Start-to-Finish Doctor Visit Checklist

For many seniors, doctor’s visits are stressful. Use this checklist to help ease anxiety.

  • Arrange transportation to and from appointments
  • Identify whether or not a companion is necessary for the visit
  • Check if the appointment or associated tests require seniors to contact their insurance company ahead of time for pre-certification or other purposes
  • Pack everything needed for a successful appointment:
    • Insurance cards
    • Photo ID
    • Payment for co-pays or other charges
    • Contact information for other doctors
    • List of current medications
    • List of allergies/medical conditions
    • Medical records, if needed
    • A list of questions for the doctor
    • A notepad or device for note-taking
  • Verify at checkout after the appointment:
    • If further testing or labs are required
    • When new prescriptions should be picked up
    • If there are instructions or treatment notes seniors can take home with them
    • When follow-up appointments are scheduled
    • If any payment is due
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Lorna MacMillan

Lorna MacMillan, President & Founder

Lorna MacMillan is the President and Founder of Parkwood Home Care. Lorna is a thought leader in the areas of Adult Ageing, Psychology and Adult Education . Through years of experience with seniors, individuals disabilities and a strong passion for helping others, Lorna was able to create Parkwood Home Care into the care service it is today.