Mobility Aids for Seniors

Many seniors experience difficulty getting around independently. Mobility aids can offer stability and support. If a senior is unstable performing motions like sitting down or walking, it is essential to find mobility aids that fit their needs and ensure their safety. Approximately 1/3 of older people living at home fall at least once a year. It’s common for seniors to need mobility aids for safety and support.

Common Mobility Aids for Getting Around

For seniors living at home and maintaining a high level of independence, common mobility aids are simply designed to help them get around. Options include:

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Mobility Aids for a Safer Home Environment

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Some mobility aids aren’t designed to support long-range motion. Instead, they make the home environment safer and increase independence with specific tasks. Improve home safety and mobility by installing:

  • Rails along stairs, near bathroom fixtures, in hallways, etc.
  • Tub/bath transfer seats or benches
  • Supportive seat cushions
  • Grab handles for getting in/out of a car, bed, couch, or chair
  • Rolling over-bed or over-couch tables
  • Additional lighting or voice command lighting to improve visibility
  • Non-slip flooring that is securely tacked down
  • Stairlift
  • Ramps to replace stairs