Age Discrimination in Healthcare

by | Jun 5, 2024

At Parkwood Home Care, one of the best in-home care programs, we recognize that age discrimination in healthcare is a serious issue affecting many older adults. This type of discrimination occurs when individuals are treated less favorably because of their age, leading to inadequate healthcare services and reduced quality of life. Our mission is to identify and address these biases, ensuring equitable care for all clients.

The Impacts of Stereotyping on Elderly Care

At Parkwood Home Care, we understand that the combination of age and discrimination can lead to detrimental misjudgments about an elderly individual’s ability to manage their health and make informed decisions. These assumptions not only undermine their autonomy but can also provoke feelings of worthlessness and result in social isolation. We actively combat these stereotypes by cultivating an inclusive environment that honors and respects the wisdom and experiences of the elderly, ensuring they are valued and treated with dignity in all aspects of their care.

Educating Healthcare ProvidersElderly Respect

At Parkwood Home Care, we believe that education is crucial in fighting age discrimination in healthcare. We diligently train our caregivers and healthcare professionals to recognize and counteract the adverse effects of age bias. Our training programs emphasize respectful communication and effective engagement with older adults, advocating for clear language use, avoidance of patronizing tones, and deep respect for the preferences and choices of our clients. This comprehensive approach ensures that our team is equipped to provide supportive and dignified care.

Advocacy and Policy Change

Parkwood Home Care is deeply committed to fighting age discrimination and extending our efforts beyond our core services to actively engage in advocacy. We collaborate with policymakers, healthcare providers, and community members to drive policy changes that protect older adults against discrimination. By advocating for equitable healthcare policies, we strive to ensure fair treatment and respect for individuals of all ages, promoting significant reforms that impact the well-being and rights of the elderly in our community.

Our Dedication to Respectful Care

At Parkwood Home Care, we believe that effectively combating age discrimination requires shifts in both policy and public perception. By consistently treating every elderly individual with the utmost respect, care, and dignity, we establish a high standard of excellence within the healthcare sector. Our organization is devoted to these principles, ensuring that these values are reflected in all our interactions and services. We are committed to fostering a healthcare environment where every senior feels valued and respected, never having to worry about their age and discrimination.


Step Toward a Brighter Future with Parkwood Home Care

Age and discrimination in healthcare present an intimidating challenge that demands a united response. At Parkwood Home Care, we believe that through comprehensive education, vigorous advocacy, and exemplary care that respects the dignity of the elderly, we can effect substantial change. By raising awareness, influencing policy, and demonstrating respect and care in our daily interactions, we contribute to a significant improvement in the quality of life for older adults in homecare Nova Scotia. Together, we can foster a healthcare environment that is equitable and supportive for all ages.

Lorna MacMillan

Lorna MacMillan, President & Founder

Lorna MacMillan is the President and Founder of Parkwood Home Care. Lorna is a thought leader in the areas of Adult Ageing, Psychology and Adult Education . Through years of experience with seniors, individuals disabilities and a strong passion for helping others, Lorna was able to create Parkwood Home Care into the care service it is today.