What You Need to Know About Our Daily Care and Reports

by | Jun 5, 2024

At Parkwood Home Care, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled daily care backed by a robust reporting system. Recognizing the essential role of transparent communication in providing quality care with our homecare program, we’ve introduced The Family Room—a secure online portal designed to ensure families are always informed about their loved ones’ CARE Plan and current health status. This innovative tool reinforces our commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding the expectations of those we serve, by enhancing communication and transparency between clients, their families, and caregivers.


Understanding The Family Room Portal

The Family Room portal is at the heart of our communication strategy, fundamentally changing how caregiver reports are shared and how families engage in communicating with caregivers. It’s a secure, user-friendly platform that keeps you updated on your loved one’s CARE Plan and real-time status. This accessibility ensures that no matter where you are, you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly how your loved one is being cared for.


Features of Daily CARE Reports

Daily CARE reports are an important component of our service, providing a detailed account of each day’s care activities. These caregiver reports are comprehensive, covering everything from medication administration to physical activity and social engagement. Families benefit immensely from these up-to-date and thorough reports, as they offer insights into the holistic well-being of their loved ones and facilitate effective communication with caregivers.

Daily Task Management

Ensuring that daily care tasks are completed is vital for the well-being of our clients. That’s why our app includes daily task lists for CARE workers, guaranteeing that nothing is overlooked. This feature supports our caregivers in delivering consistent and thorough care every day, enhancing the overall care experience for our clients.

Communicating With Caregivers

Direct communication with the CARE Team is made easy through our app. This feature underscores the importance of open and easy communication in providing personalized care, allowing families to be more involved in the care process by communicating with caregivers seamlessly.

Shift Coverage and Scheduling

Effective management of shift coverage is achieved through our electronic scheduling system. This system ensures that caregiver shifts are planned and executed without a hitch, promoting a high level of accountability and coordination among our CARE workers. The electronic tracking of shifts further enhances this process, ensuring every aspect of care is delivered flawlessly.

Collaborative CARE Planning

Our approach to CARE planning is collaborative, involving clients, their families, and our CARE Team in the decision-making process. The ability to adjust the CARE Plan in real-time, based on ongoing communication with caregivers and feedback from families, embodies our flexibility and commitment to providing care that truly meets the evolving needs of our clients.


Stay Connected with Parkwood Home Care

Through The Family Room and our dedication to comprehensive daily care reports, task management, and open communication channels, Parkwood Home Care stands out as transparent, comprehensive, and collaborative Halifax home care. Our innovative solutions are designed with one goal in mind—to provide peace of mind and the highest standard of care to the families we serve.

Lorna MacMillan

Lorna MacMillan, President & Founder

Lorna MacMillan is the President and Founder of Parkwood Home Care. Lorna is a thought leader in the areas of Adult Ageing, Psychology and Adult Education . Through years of experience with seniors, individuals disabilities and a strong passion for helping others, Lorna was able to create Parkwood Home Care into the care service it is today.