The CARE Plan

Wondering if Live In Home Care is right for you or your loved one? Our complimentary assessment program will allow us to evaluate the current living situation and assessment of the home to determine if our services are the right fit. Our CARE Plan Assessment program includes a 45 minute in-person assessment with the client and a full assessment of the home, including home safety and fall prevention. If you choose to engage with our programs, we will then follow up with a detailed home inspection to provide a list of any challenges or changes needed for optimal care.

Live In CARE program

Parkwood’s Live-In CARE program is an ideal choice for individuals seeking round-the-clock care. With this comprehensive program, a dedicated care worker is available on-site 24/7. It’s important to note that while the care worker stays on site throughout the evening, the program is not specifically tailored to provide nighttime care. Instead, we have designed the program to ensure the care worker can take necessary rest during the evenings while providing peace of mind for the client.

For optimal conditions, 2 care workers will share the relationship with your loved one. Each one will work on a 2 week rotation before switching. The assessment from the CARE plan is used to match the client with their care workers to ensure maximum compatibility. For the Live In Care program, 4 hours each week of respite care is required by family or an hourly care worker.

The program includes meal prep, light housekeeping, companionship, personal care, exercises, shopping and pet care.

Note: As part of the Live In Program, it is required to provide accommodation and meals for the home care worker.

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"Lorna McMillan and her team at Parkwood Home Care have far exceeded any expectations we had prior to engaging a live in care giver for my ailing mother. Lorna and Shannon have been caring, compassionate professionals in all aspects of their engagement with us, and the care givers in their employ are fantastic! (Thank you so much Kim!!). This was not our first experience with a Home Care company, but certainly has been the best. I can attribute my mother's recovery to the excellent quality of care provided, and the peace of mind in dealing with such a wonderful group of experts."

~Christopher B.