Dementia Care

Finding out that your mom or dad has been diagnosed with dementia is life changing. Dementia can also be extremely hard on the person diagnosed. As a result, it can be overwhelming and stressful for their family and friends. Without proper dementia care, communication is difficult and relationships can become strained. Dementia is more than just memory loss. Things like communication, coordination, planning and organizing all become difficult. Physiological changes can include anxiety, inappropriate behaviour, agitation, and depression, among others. Additionally, the inability to recognize the people providing them care can make it extremely challenging for loved ones.

Dementia care requires specialized skills

Dementia Care Teepa Snow At Parkwood, our CARE team has specialized training in dementia care from Teepa Snow. Teepa has 40 years of clinical practice experience and is one of the world’s leading educators on dementia and dementia care. Our caregivers understand what is needed beyond food, shelter and physical care.

 A caregiver with expertise in dementia:

  • Will provide your loved one with a level of care that is patient, understanding and communicative
  • Can help you and your family understand more about this disease and how to manage it
  • Will give your family a much needed break
  • Help your loved one maintain their dignity
  • Dementia is a progressive disease and the level of support needed can change quickly. You need to plan for the future. Dementia CARE services can allow your loved one to stay in their home – and provide you with peace of mind.

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"I was very impressed with how quickly Lorna arranged care for my Mom.The quality of care was excellent and she was very flexible with our ever changing schedule and needs. I would highly recommend Parkwood Home Care to anyone needing quality care for a loved one."

~Alex W.